Raspberry Pi 3 mã sản phẩm B has a BCM43143 on board. That one should work out of the box.A Wi-Fi adapter will probably need more power nguồn than the Raspberry Pi USB port can provide, especially if there is a large distance from the Wi-Fi adapter to lớn the Wi-Fi Access Point, or it is transferring large amounts of data. Therefore, you may need to plug the Wi-Fi adapter into a powered USB hub.If you need to lớn install a driver yourself, chances are that it is in your distro"s non-free package repository. You may need khổng lồ enable the non-free repository in your package manager"s settings.

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Working USB Wi-Fi Adapters

These adapters are known khổng lồ work on the Raspberry Pi. This list is not exhaustive, as other adapters may well work, but have not yet been tried. You can help by expanding it.

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ManufacturerNameHardware descriptionDistro supportWorks w/o hubAP modeAd hocNotesDebianRaspbianOther
3COM3CRUSB10075ZyDAS zd1211rw??????
7DayShopW-3S01BLKRalink RT5370USB: 148f:5370 (Ralink technology Corp.)MAC mfr.: 7cdd90 (Shenzhen Ogemray công nghệ Co., Ltd.)Wheezy preinstalled, but stops after 3-4 hours even with USB workaroundsYesOpenELECRev 2Yes?Created wpa.conf, edited "interfaces" file và restarted the networking.
AdafruitMiniature WiFi Module, Raspberry PiRealtek RTL8192cuWheezy preinstalledpreinstalledRetroPie v2.3 preinstalled

OpenELEC v4.0.5 preinstalled

ALFA Network Inc.AWUS036NEHRalink RT3070Squeeze install firmware-ralink?Arch?Yes?
ALFA Network Inc.AWUS036NHRalink RT3070Wheezy install firmware-ralinkinstall aircrack-ngArch use rt2800usb module?Yes?
ALFA Network Inc.AWUS036H(500mW version)Ralink RT3070?install aircrack-ng??Yes?This hàng hóa is end-of-life.
ALFA Network Inc.AWUS036H(1W version)Realtek 8187L?install aircrack-ng?Rev 2???This sản phẩm is end-of-life.

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ALFA Network Inc.AWUS036NHAAtheros AR9271?install aircrack-ng?Sometimes??Power: Pi does not boot with adapter inserted; insert after boot.
ALFA Network Inc.AWUS036NHRRealtek RTL8188RU?Yes?Sometimes??
AirLink101AWLL5088 Wireless N 150 Ultra Mini-USB AdapterRealtek RTL8188CUSWheezy use install script (see notes)?????Based on the OEM Edimax EW-7811Un. For automatic installation, See MrEngmanns script listed below under the Edimax device.
AirLink101AWLL5099 Wireless N 150 Ultra Mini-USB Adapter<2>Realtek RTL8188CUS?Wheezy preinstalled?Yes??
AirLink101AWLL6075 Wireless N Mini USB AdapterRealtek RTL8191SUUSB: 0b05:1786 (Realtek Semiconductor Corp.)Driver: r8712u?Wheezy preinstalled?Yes??Dongle gets hot under use.
AsusUSB-N10Realtek RTL8188SUUSB: 0b05:1786 (Realtek Semiconductor Corp.)Driver: r8712uSqueeze download or install firmware-realtekWheezy preinstalledFedora Remix preinstalled

Arch preinstalledOpenELEC preinstalled

Yes?YesDoes not tư vấn nl80211 APIS, so hostapd won"t work.

With RPi2 works with no powered USB hub (tested with 2A PSU)

AsusUSB-N13 rev B1 (A1 is different)Realtek RTL8192CUUSB: 0b05:17ab (ASUSTek Computer, Inc. )Driver: 8192u?Buster preinstalledOccidentalis v0.1 preinstalled???
AsusWL-167G v1Ralink RT2571USB: 0b05:1706 (ASUSTek Computer, Inc. )Squeeze preinstalled??No??
AsusWL-167G v3Realtek RTL8188SUUSB: 0b05:1791 (ASUSTek Computer, Inc. )Squeeze preinstalledWheezy preinstalled?Yes??
AsusUSB-AC51USB: 0b05:17d1 (ASUSTek Computer, Inc. )???Yes; DC Output : 5 V with max. 0.5 A current (NTB Verified)??
AusPi TechnologiesAusPi 802.11n Wireless Adaptor, Raspberry PiRalinkDriver: rt2800usb?Wheezy preinstalledOpenELEC preinstalled

RaspBMC preinstalled

BelkinF5D7050 Wireless G Adapter v3000Ralink RT2571Winstall firmware-ralink and showroom usbcore to /etc/modules; use guide?????
BelkinF5D8053 ver.6001 Wireless N AdapterRealtek RTL8188SU?Wheezy preinstalledOpenELEC preinstalled

RaspBMC preinstalled

Sometimes; works as sole USB device on 5V 800mA nguồn with 6 overvolt??
BelkinF6D4050 V1/V2Ralink RT3070USB: 050d:935a/935bDriver: RT3572STA(recommended), RT2800USB, RT2870STA?using guideArch using guideYesYes?
BelkinF7D1101 v1 Basic Wireless AdapterRealtek RTL8188SUUSB: 050d:945aDriver: r8712uinstall firmware-realtek và downloadWheezy preinstalled????
BelkinF7D2102 N300 Micro Wireless USB adapterRealtek RTL8192CUUSB: 050d:2103Driver: rtl8192cu?WheezyOccidentalis v0.1


BelkinF9L1001 V1 N150 Wireless USB AdapterRealtek RTL8188SUUSB: 050d:945aDriver: r8712u?Wheezy?Yes?YesAd hoc tested on Raspberry Pi 2 mã sản phẩm B running Raspbian Jessie release 8.0
BelkinF9L1002v1 N300 Wireless USB Adapter?Wheezy?Yes??Confirmed with RPi2.
BelkinSurf Micro WLAN USB-Adapter, N150??Wheezy?Yes??
BillionBIPAC 3010ARealtek rtl8812au?install aircrack-ngUbuntu LTS???Installs via additional drivers on ubuntu & aircrack-ng on raspberry pi. It seems khổng lồ be a branded generic, checking ebay listings yields the same adapter under brands such as Edimax. The connection in Raspberry Pi OS was stable enough to trò chơi stream via steamlink on Beautiful

Problem USB Wi-Fi Adapters

These adapters were tested và found to have issues the Raspberry Pi. Chú ý <12> as a possible solution/explanation for errors while running LXDE.


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