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The Sweetest We Got Married Couple

We Got Married is a variety show program that aired on MBC showcasing the concept of a virtual marriage between two celebrities. The couple are usually matched with no particular attention to their background or specific careers, & usually births a very interesting pairing. That seems to also be the case with actor Hong Jong-hyun & Girls Day’s Yura. Dubbed the Jjong-ah couple, the two spent time on the show for about half a year, starting in the middle of 2014 and lasting until early 2015.

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The ending of the couple’s run can be seen as quite abrupt, as nearing the end of their virtual relationship Hong Jong-hyun was hit with a dating scandal involving another girl-group member. This caused an uproar among fans of the Jjong-ah couple and caused viewers khổng lồ question the integrity of the show. Despite it, fans still reminisce about the couple’s sweet & cuddly moments on the show, to this day. Are you interested in learning more about Hong Jong-hyun và Yura’s virtual relationship? Let’s take a look at their time on We Got Married.

Hong Jong-hyun & Girls Day’s Yura on We Got Married

First Meeting và Wedding

Hong Jong-hyun and Yura’s first meeting was quite quality considering how other couples on the show usually meet for the very first time. Hong Jong-hyun was first given a mission thẻ that stated he needed to find his wife, who was currently in the MBC building’s waiting room. Thus began the search for his virtual wife-to-be. After receiving several clues, he landed in the Girls Day’s waiting room, in which Yura & the other members had planned lớn sneakily trick him into believing another member was his wife. Yet, in the interview done after the shoot, Hong Jong-hyun revealed that from the very start he knew that Yura was his wife-to-be.

After their first meeting and proposal, they wasted no time in courting each other và went straight to lớn getting officially married on the rooftop of the MBC building. Their wedding ceremony was attended by the Girls Day members, Ailee and Hong Jin-young. Not only that, Hong Jong-hyun’s close friends, Kim Woo-bin, Sung-joon và Lee Soo-hyuk, also sent in their congratulations through a video clip message.

Meeting with Jonghyun’s mã sản phẩm Friends

Next in their journey as a couple was Hong Jong-hyun taking Yura khổng lồ meet her unofficial brothers-in-law or Hong Jong-hyun’s close circle of friends. The group consists mostly of models-turned-actors, such as himself, Kim Young-kwang and Lee Soo-hyuk. Completing the quartet was fashion designer Se-joon. Yura was awkward while interacting with the group who have been dubbed the F4, referring to the popular series Boys Before Flowers, but as time went by they started lớn joke around và were getting along more naturally.

They even went as far as taking a picture together after the filming ended. In the picture, the three model-actors can be seen showing off their ‘model force,’ as they are all dressed in dark-colored outfits. In the middle of the group of men is Yura, who is seen striking a xinh tươi pose & flashing a smile for the camera.

Their House

A chất lượng thing about the Jjong-ah couple is that it seems that everything in their relationship circles back lớn that rooftop on the MBC building. After spending time with each other and other guests on dates, they finally made their way to lớn their new trang chủ as a virtually married couple. Usually, a couple’s apartment is as normal and simple as it could be but MBC was pulling all the stops for this particular couple. The two found themselves on the rooftop of the MBC building with their luggage, only lớn find that MBC had built them a rooftop apartment in the very place they celebrated their wedding. This definitely shocked the two, as can be seen on the video above.

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Honeymoon in Bali


Just like any other couple, Hong Jong-hyun & Yura finally got lớn go on their honeymoon, although their marriage was just a virtual one. The two were sent khổng lồ Bali, a dream destination for any couple looking for a place to lớn spend their honeymoon. In Bali, the two got khổng lồ know each other more intimately, seeing each other’s bare faces and experiencing new things together. First of all, they tried Indonesia’s specialty snacks & fruits, sharing their thoughts và preferences with each other.


Furthermore, they also signed up for a surfing lesson by the beach, with Hong Jong-hyun showing off his strong physique & athletic abilities. They helped each other through every struggle as viewers swooned on their couches watching the two live the fantasy life.

Their Goodbye

On their last episode together, Hong Jong-hyun and Yura received a mission thẻ that said their marriage was ended as they returned to their rooftop house. They decided to write letters on the objects they made for one another, recalling their memories together. Yura wrote on the portrait she drew of Jong-hyun & Jong Hyun wrote on the easel he built for her.

Jong-hyun was thankful and sorry to lớn Yura because he knew that he is quiet và not as lively and bubbly as Yura. He said that because she accepted him the way he was & dealt with his personality, he felt that his personality brightened, and for that he was thankful. On the other hand, Yura was sorry that even though she knew his shy personality, she kept making him vị more bubbly things. She was thankful that even though she is clumsy, he looked after her & took care of her like an older brother. They both expressed how thankful they were for one another và how their marriage would last as a wonderful memory.

Jonghyun’s Dating Scandal

In January 2015, the February issue of Woman Sense reported that Hong Jong-hyun and After School member Nana were in a relationship of seven months. They were first introduced lớn each other through OnStyle’s “Style Log“, which they co-hosted last year. After developing feelings for each other while hosting the show, they turned from mere colleagues at work to lớn lovers. Moreover, Hong Jong-hyun và Nana have been reportedly spotted on numerous dates such as a Christmas date at an amusement park in Wolmido, and more recently, a stay-in date at Hong Jong-hyun’s house in Gangnam.

One of Nana’s representatives denied the relationship, stating, “It is true that Hong Jong Hyun & Nana are close, but they are not in a relationship.” Widmay, Hong Jong Hyun’s agency, also denied the reports, saying, “After checking , we want khổng lồ clarify that Hong Jong Hyun and Nana are simply close oppa (older brother) and dongsaeng (younger sister). Unlike what earlier reports suggested, they are not in a relationship,”

In response to the resurfacing rumor of Hong Jong-hyun and Nana dating, an anonymous acquaintance of Hong Jong-hyun supported claims of the relationship being true, saying that he even wondered why the rumors came out so late, as Hong Jong-hyun & Nana have been “dating for a long time.” He stated that the two had been dating và going through tough times together, they had gotten so close as lovers that Hong Jong-hyun và Nana talk on the phone in front of their friends without hesitation. He even claims that Hong Jong-hyun calls Nana by her real name ‘Im Jin Ah.’

As the rumors heated up, on the episode of “We Got Married,” that aired on February 14, Hong Jong-hyun was careful around Yura the whole day, knowing that he was walking on eggshells at the moment. His wariness, however, only made her burst into laughter. At the start of the filming, she immediately asked about the scandal just as he walked in. During the talk, he honestly opened up lớn his wife, saying that they were both just friends and nothing more. When Hong Jong-hyun apologized to Yura, she simply held up the antenna of a remote control car and jokingly said, “You need a good whipping.

Interaction After Their Virtual Marriage Over

On the July 6 live streaming broadcast of “Girl’s Day’s Happy D-Day,” which celebrated the group’s comeback, Yura was asked by the host if she still kept in touch with Hong Jong Hyun since We Got Married ended. Yura responded, “We still keep in touch sometimes to lớn see how the other is doing. Not too long ago, I went to lớn go eat melon bingsoo (shaved ice) with Sojin unni, and coincidentally met ‘Jjong’ oppa. Everyone was just staring at us. It was interesting. We happily greeted each other.”

On November 9, Hong Jong Hyun participated in an interview celebrating his 10th anniversary, where he touched on his We Got Married days. Hong Jong Hyun stated that he worried a lot, which is the reason behind why he seemed very awkward on the show. He said he felt burdened by his appearance on the show from the beginning, as he doesn’t think of himself as a funny person. He & Yura got a lot closer towards the middle of filming & were no longer awkward with each other, yet he does have his regrets, saying, “I even joked to lớn her, ‘If it had been like this from the beginning, I could have done really well.’ Every time we filmed, I froze and became really stiff, which I felt sorry towards Yura for.”

Instagram and Latest News

Girls Day is not re-signing with their current agency, Dream T Entertainment, and is leaving to lớn find a new one. This came as a shock, as each thành viên is quite busy with their solo activities recently although they’re still very solid as a group, especially for one that had just renewed their contracts in 2018. As seen through her instagram, she often posts pictures and videos with her members, such as those found below.

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