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So the Laneige Two Tone Matte Lip Bars have been out for quite some time now… however, I just got my hands on these (including the newer shades) so they’re new to me! haha.

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Anyways, besides doing a quick swatching video for my instagram, I wanted to lớn create a post including pictures of the swatches.

Let’s get to lớn the breakdown…

First things first, I picked them up from Yesstyle. That’s why I have 9 out of the 10 swatches instead of all 10 (they didn’t have Red Velvet). I’d still recommend picking them up from there, however, since they are a reliable website and affordable since they carry so many different products.

As far as my overall thoughts, I LOVE matte lip products.

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My issue is that matte lippies tend khổng lồ emphasize my dry patches. These didn’t overly emphasize the cracks in my lips, but they didn’t completely hide them either. These two tone matte lip bars are smooth on the lips, come in awesome colors, & are gorgeously packaged. I feel like if you’re into gradient lips, it’s worth owning 1 or 2 of these because they’re an absolute staple!

Swatches of the Laneige Two Tone Matte Lip Bars!

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