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Tiễn COVID (Farewell COVID) is one of the latest songs released by Vietnamese artists joining the national fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The song was written by singer and songwriter Le Thien Hieu, whose song Ông Bà Anh (My Grandparents) became a huge hit after the Vietnamese version of the Sing My Song 2016 reality TV show.

The tuy vậy is part of the Ministry of Health’s communication programme on prevention và control of COVID-19 that aims lớn raise awareness of community and self-protection.

Written in the reggae/pop style with a lively melody, Farewell COVID aims lớn inspire listeners with a positive & optimistic spirit in the fight against the pandemic.

Reporter Huy Thong from Thể Thao và Văn Hóa (Sports&Culture) talks to the singer about his new song.

The song Tiễn COVID (Farewell COVID) by singer & songwriter Le Thien Hieu is the latest song released today by Vietnamese artists to lớn help fight the pandemic. — Photo thethaovanhoa.vn

How did you come up with the song?

It did not take much time lớn finish the song, because its theme is contemporary và close khổng lồ reality. I only transformed what I want to lớn say into a tuy nhiên without any additions. The idea of Farewell COVID came lớn my mind on receiving an invitation from the Ministry of Health & I instantly embarked on it. The chạy thử version for the tuy vậy was finished within six days.

Most of the songs I wrote in the past were in the same spirit – conveying optimism and kindness. My songs inherently have such spirits, so it did not take me much time khổng lồ select or consider anything on writing Farewell COVID. From the song, I want khổng lồ convey a message lớn the listeners: if we unite, it is certain that Vietnam will bid farewell to lớn COVID.

Before Farewell COVID, a new version of your biggest hit entitled My Grandparents During COVID Era was performed và even rewritten by many people. How vì chưng you feel about the new versions of your brainchild?

I feel very surprised and happy. I did not expect that after nearly four years, My Grandparents would still be popular with people of all ages. After hearing My Grandparents During COVID Era, I immediately learned its lyrics by heart!

What vị you think about the spirit of "fighting against the epidemic lượt thích fighting against the enemy" of Vietnamese people, including many artists?

I only learned about the spirit of fighting against the enemy of the Vietnamese people in the history books. Unexpectedly, my generation is now living in days of "fighting against the COVID enemy". Seeing people support each other or artists releasing products to encourage everyone makes me feel extremely proud.

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What has inspired you in the fight against COVID-19? Conversely, has anything disheartened you?

The spreaders of giả news or unverified information should be criticised the most, as it leads to widespread worry và fear among the community.

I was most touched by the scenes of doctors giving their beds to lớn the patients và sleeping on the floor. I wish to send a thousand thanks for their sacrifices & dedication.

How have you & your relatives protected yourselves amid the pandemic?

We stay indoors like everyone else, minimise going out và have become more cautious with what we touch. Besides washing our hands frequently, we wear masks and take vi-ta-min C supplements every day.

A movie clip for the tuy vậy comes out in a week, can you tell us anything about it?

Because Farewell COVID was made done while the whole country is limiting gatherings the đoạn phim is animated. Its nội dung simply follows the current situation of battling against COVID-19 of the nation with a condensed but informative structure.

After we defeat COVID-19, what will you do?

I’m working on my own products but their release depends on ending the disease this year. I can only reveal that for now. — VNS



Le Thien Hieu is a singer/songwriter born in 1995 in the northern province of thai Nguyen. He became popular after his songs Ông Bà Anh (My Grandparents) and Tích Tịch Tịch Làng (Neighbourhood) were favoured in Sing My song 2016 reality show.

In the 12th Cống Hiến (Dedication) Music Award in 2017, he was nominated in two categories – tuy vậy of the Year (with the song My Grandparents) & New Artist of the Year. He eventually won the latter award.

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