Apple Mobile Device Usb Driver Not Instal…

Are you unable to lớn connect your táo bị cắn devices khổng lồ your Windows PC? Learn how lớn fix the “Apple di động device USB driver is missing.”

Usually, when the most recent version of hãng apple drivers is installed, and you connect táo apple devices to your Windows PC, the computer automatically reads the hãng apple device. However, if the táo bị cắn dở Mobile Device USB driver for Windows is missing, corrupt, or outdated, the system fails to lớn read iPhone, iPad, and other táo bị cắn devices.

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In such cases, hãng apple mobile device USB drivers are recommended to fix the issue updating.

To help with that, we have curated this tutorial that explains the best ways lớn update the iPhone USB driver.

What is táo apple mobile device USB driver?

Apple di động device USB driver helps the Windows PC recognize connected iPhones. When it is missing or outdated, errors lượt thích Apple device is not recognized, và others are encountered.

Don’t Have Time khổng lồ Update your hãng apple Mobile USB Drive? 

Try Advanced Driver Updater, a reliable và effective way to lớn update drivers. This best Driver updating utility automatically scans the system for outdated drivers and shows compatible and latest drivers. Also, it takes a complete backup of old drivers before updating them. This helps run the system in an older state. Furthermore, users can mix scanning schedules to lớn keep drivers updated và avoid facing any issues caused due to outdated drivers.

3 Best Ways to lớn Update táo Mobile Device USB Driver Windows

Below we mention the best ways to lớn update the táo apple Mobile USB device driver and fix táo bị cắn devices not detected on Windows PC issues.

Method 1: Manually Update táo bị cắn dở Mobile Device Driver Through Device Manager

To use it, follow the steps below:

1. Press Windows + X > select Device Manager from the context menu.2. Navigate khổng lồ Universal Serial Bus devices. Double-click it và locate the hãng apple Mobile USB Device driver.

3. Right-click the táo bị cắn dở Mobile Device USB Device > select Update Driver.

4. Select, search automatically for drivers.


5. Windows will now look for táo bị cắn dở Mobile USB Device driver updates. Please wait for it to download and install the latest driver update. If you get the message, “The best drivers for your device are already installed.” You will need to kiểm tra for available Windows Updates.6. Restart the PC to apply changes after updating and installing the driver. In case the changes aren’t properly installed, you can vì it by following the steps below:

Method 2 – Reinstall táo apple Mobile USB Device Driver

1. Press Windows + X2. Double click Universal Serial Bus devices3. Right-click on the apple Mobile Device USB Device > Uninstall


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Checkmark the box next khổng lồ Delete the driver software for this device > Ok.

5. Go to Device Manager > click action tab > Scan for hardware changes.6. Wait for the scanning to lớn complete và install the táo bị cắn Mobile USB device driver.

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Method 3 – Updating táo bị cắn Mobile USB Device Driver Using Advanced Driver Updater (Recommended)

Above, we explained manual ways to update the driver. As you may agree, manual steps are time-consuming và require some technical knowledge. Also, manually updating drivers involves risk và is not easy. Therefore, if you are looking for an easy way to tải về the táo khuyết Mobile Device USB driver, we recommend using Advanced Driver Updater. This professional tool helps update all types of outdated drivers.

You can use either the free or Registered version to lớn update drivers. The không tính phí version sets a limit for updating one driver at a time, while the registered version allows updating all at once. Lớn use this amazing tool, follow the steps below:

1. Install Advanced Driver Updater by clicking the button below

2. Run the tool and click Start Scan Now, allowing Advanced Driver Updater khổng lồ scan the system.

3. Let the scanning complete.4. When done, to lớn update the driver click Update driver next khổng lồ the táo Mobile Device USB driver (if using the trial version). However, if you use the registered version, click Update All.

5. Wait for the driver update to be downloaded & installed.

6. Restart the PC to lớn save changes. Now connect the táo khuyết device, & it should now be detected.

Frequently Asked Questions

The apple mobile device USB driver missing error occurs when your iPhone doesn"t have the driver installed to connect lớn Windows. Khổng lồ fix this, you need lớn install the driver. Lớn learn how to vị that, you can read the steps mentioned above in the post.

That’s it; you can update the táo Mobile USB device driver using these simple steps. You can use either of the steps khổng lồ update your driver on Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7. However, try Advanced Driver Updater if you want the fastest and easiest way khổng lồ update the USB driver. With minimum or no effort, the tool helps update all outdated drivers.

However, if you know of any other effective way lớn update the apple Mobile USB device driver update, chia sẻ it in the comments box. For any product-related issue, you can send an thư điện tử to support


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