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Get details about SM Entertainment Audition 2022 Global Girls Group Audition in Singing, Dancing, Vocal, Rap Application size | Requirements, Rules, và FAQ

Entertainment Company SM entertainment recently launched their first-round off SM talent Show volume 2 on Friday. From this year in 2022 company decided to lớn come up with new plans & take this company to Greater Heights.

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For this, they plan SM Entertainment audition 2021. Khổng lồ encourage youth they are planning lớn launch NCT’s. This NCT Hollywood will recruit new males from America, aged between 13 to lớn 25 years. The whole process will be conducted under the process of SM Entertainment Audition 2022.

In the audition first round, English-speaking males born between 1997 to 2009 are required. The whole audition process will be pursued online. The online portal is now mở cửa and the audition is already started on the 29th of July. All the interested applicants can register themselves for SM Entertainment Audition Online 2022.

SM Entertainment Audition 2022

In the audition process, you have to lớn submit your audition đoạn phim on the company website. You can choose one category like singing dancing and make a đoạn phim on it. All the applications for this audition will be accepted till the 15th of August. In case your đoạn clip will be selected in the first round, then it will be forwarded lớn the next round. There are one on one video clip auditions that will take as an audition.

If you want to make your career in the entertainment industry và want to lớn become a successful singer or dancer then you can participate in SM Entertainment Audition 2022. If you will select for addition then you have to lớn sign a contract with SM entertainment. The winner of this contest will get a winning prize that is air pods pro.

SM Entertainment Audition with email ID

There are two ways to lớn give your audition on SM entertainment. The first process is sending your details on e-mail ID. And the second one is khổng lồ give your audition online submit your detail on their official website SM town.

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In the first step, we are discussing the audition process via Email.Any individual can send their talent video and profile directly to SM casting directors.In this email, you have to lớn attach your đoạn phim file or music file with your photo.The photo that you will attach, should be in JPG or GIF format.A photo cannot be retouch for Photoshop.Please vị not upload unfocused video files for low-quality sound music files.Video or audio format that you can send via thư điện tử should be in WMA, MP3 or WAM, MP4 Format.

Country-wise thư điện tử details

For Korean:- audition
Before sending your e-mail you should have khổng lồ mention these details in an email.Name of Participant, Age, Gender, Category.

SM Entertainment Audition Online Process

For an online audition, you need khổng lồ visit the official website of SM town audition website portal:- the audition page firstly you have khổng lồ choose audition type.
Finally, click on the submit button, và your SM entertainment audition 2022 process is completed.

This is the complete edition process, that you can follow và complete your registration. We hope that information that will provide you is helpful for you. If you face any difficulty at the time of uploading files or summiting forms online then you can ask us in the bình luận section below.

Can I Singh while playing any Insutment with me?

The Rule for audition is, you can only Sing. If you want lớn sing while playing an instrument, Then send your recording khổng lồ audition
I Want khổng lồ participate in SM Entertainment Auditions. Explain types of Auditions?

There are two ways to lớn Audition. You can give audition with an e-mail ID & Application form.

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