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Korean Actress Park Hee-von

Do you remember the Korean drama Goblin? Goblin, also known as Guardian: The Lonely và Great God, was a popular drama in 2016. Goblin reached a 20.5% for television cable average rating & has obtained the highest rating on tvN with 22.1% rating. If you watched Goblin, you must know Park Hee-Von. Park Hee-Von, also known as Park Hee-Bon, is a South Korean actress. She appeared in Goblin as the mother of Kim Eun-Tak, The Goblin’s Bride. Goblin itself tells a story about a goblin who was cursed to lớn live forever. He can only die if his bride takes the sword stuck in his chest. Over 100 years, the Goblin never stopped looking for his bride until he finally met Kim Eun-Tak.

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In Goblin, Park Hee-Von appeared as Ji Yeon-Hee (Eun-Tak’s mother). Unfortunately, she died và left her daughter, Eun-Tak, alone. She only appeared in some early episodes of Goblin, but her cheerful & beautiful face still catches audiences’ feelings. She also could attract audiences’ emotions, especially at the moment when she died and her daughter, Eun-Tak, talked with her spirit. Now, let’s get closer to Park Hee-Von by the information we’re providing you!


Park Hee-Von (박희본) was born on May 11th, 1983, in Seoul, South Korea. Hee-Von was formerly known as Park Jae-Young when she debuted on 2001 under BM Entertainment (SM Entertainment’s sister label) as a thành viên of the South Korean girl band M.I.L.K. Hee-Von’s height is 162 cm, which is pretty tall for a woman. Her blood type is O.

M.I.L.K consisted of Seo Hyun-jin, Kim Bo-mi, Bae Yu-mi, & Park Hee-von. M.I.L.K debuted with the song “With Freshness”. Unfortunately, M.I.L.K disbanded in 2013 when one of the members, Bae Yu-Mi, left the group. After that, each member went off to bởi their own individual projects such as acting, singing, MC’ing, DJ’ing, and modeling.

Currently, Hee-Von is under the agency SidusHQ. She has already starred in many movies and dramas. Her first drama appearance was in Rainbow Romance which aired from 2005-2006. Her first movie was Read My Lips, and she also stole viewers’ attention in other movies such as Circle of Crime, Modern Family, Jury, and Let Me Out. Her acting skills shone when she played a role in the drama Bubble Gum. She is very talented in acting.

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Wedding Ceremony


On June 6th, 2016, Park Hee-Von married Yoon Se-Yong. Yoon Se-Yong is a popular director in the web-drama world. They finally tied the knot after dating for three years. Park Hee-Von & Yoon Se-Yong worked together in the website drama Hungry Woman Season 2.

They first announced the wedding through a representative of sidusHQ on April 25th, 2016. Their wedding was held in Myeongdong Cathedral, Seoul. After the wedding, Hee-Von và Se-Yong went lớn Cuba for their honeymoon. The wedding was held privately and only family members, close relatives, and friends were invited.

Some celebrities came khổng lồ Hee-Von and Se-Yong’s wedding, including Seo Hyun-Jin, a former member of M.I.L.K. According khổng lồ the news, Seo Hyun-Jin came with Jung Ryeo Won và Kim Sung Ryung.

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